The Sims 5 Leaks have made Fans angry on the Competitive Multiplayer Sims Gameplay

The Sims 5 Leaks have made Fans angry on the Competitive Sims Gameplay

The Sims 5 will come out soon and the leaks and rumors about the gameplay have already started to make rounds. There are a new set of leaks regarding ‘The Sims 5’ job listing that suggests that the next Sims gameplay will have multiplayer or competitive features and fans are not happy with it.

The EA job listings say that the Gaming Studio is looking for three Backend Software Engineer positions for EA Redwood, EA Canada and EA Austin for an “upcoming ‘Sims’ game.” The job description suggests that EA will introduce a multiplayer mode in ‘The Sims 5’ gameplay along with other competitive features.

The Sims 5 will be Online Multiplayer as per the Leaks

The Sims 5 leaks as per the Sims Community suggest that EA is looking for software developers with the following requirements.

  • Software engineers who are capable of developing massively scalable and reliable web services that will support millions of players, as well as other responsibilities during the game’s development.
  • Develop responsive, resilient, massively scalable, and globally available web services that support millions of players.
  • Creatively blend security best practices and original techniques to keep user data secure and prevent cheating.

All the above given requirements suggest that EA wants “The Sims 5” gameplay to have the online multiplayer mode where million of gamers will compete against each other.

Fans are Angry over The Sims 5 Multiplayer Mode

Most of the Sims fandom is extremely angry after reading the leaks as multiplayer gameplay destroys the whole purpose of the game. The players who are looking forward to “The Sims 5” want better updates and choice of freedom in the gameplay, not multiplayer competing against them.

The whole point of The Sims game is to be free and do your own thing, but EA is kind of ruining “The Sims 5” with the multiplayer mode. However, The Sims 5 leaks are not confirmed and even if they are true, the word “Sims 5” is not mentioned anywhere and it could be related to a different Sims game.

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