Undertaker signs a never-ending deal with WWE

The Undertakes signs a never-ending deal with WWE

The Undertaker has got the best deal WWE had offered to someone as per reports. The WWE in its recent bid to retain its trademark superstars, have signed Taker for a lifetime contract as per The Wrestling Observer.

Will The Undertaker never retire?

David Meltzer from The Wrestling Observer reported that The Undertaker had signed a Lifetime contract with the WWE. As per the report, he isn’t forced to fight until the end of his life. But as long as he wants, the door is open.

Report: Undertaker Offered New WWE Contract To Stop Accepting Indy Bookings from SquaredCircle

The news comes days after Undertaker wasn’t included in The Summerslam. The Deadman also canceled his most recent appearance at Starrcast. If this new contract made him opt out of the promotion, it might be a permanent restriction for him now.

With the kind of viewership the AEW is garnering, this might not be a bad move. With the new age Wrestlers at WWE failing to attract huge fanbases like John Cena or The Undertaker, it’s essential to hold on.

The Deadman still packs a punch

Undertaker made a comeback to the ring against Goldberg after retirement looked on the cards. The match perhaps came a decade too late and invited a lot of flak from hardcore fans. Undertaker and Goldberg looked like pale shadows of themselves failing to complete their signature moves.

The Undertaker signs a never-ending deal with WWE

The Undertaker got too tired in the match against Goldberg. Image: The Independent

But Taker came back storming with a power-packed performance at Extreme Rules. He teamed up with Roman Reigns to take on Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre and nailed his comeback.

He shut shop on critics with throwback moves and his deadly avatar. Although age is a significant factor in fighting sport, Undertaker can still manage to take on youngsters.

If WWE does provide him enough time to recover, it’s every fans’ dream to keep seeing Undertaker in the ring forever. He has the kind of aura few can create. But do you think it’s too much to ask from The Deadman? Storm the comments section with your views.

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