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The Walk Dead Will End with Season 12 as Final Season to Make Space for Spin-offs and Movies

The Walking Dead show was started on AMC in the year 2010 and now with hundreds of episodes, it has reached the season 10. It has a huge fan following in the time where there are plenty of zombies and post-apocalyptic TV shows coming out every year. But it won’t last forever as at one point in time, the showrunners, cast, crew and even the audience will get bored of it and they have to the end The Walking Dead series.

AMC is aware of the situation and it is why they are focusing more on the spin-offs and movies related to The Walking Dead world and there are reports that the show will end with Season 12 as its final season.

The Walking Dead Show will End with Season 12

The Walking Dead Show will End with Season 12

The Walking Dead ending with season 12 will make a lot of sense as the life expectancy of such shows are around ten to twelve seasons. Also, after the second season, there have been 16 episodes per season which have increased the total count to a large number.

The storyline from the Walking Dead source material is running out and the prequel spin-off titled ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ is becoming more popular. The Walking Dead has been running out of steam since the last few years and seasons 5 and 6 were the peak of the show. It would be wise of AMC to put a full stop and give a proper ending to fans with The Walking Dead season 12.

AMC Needs Walking Dead Spin-offs and Movie Trilogies

AMC Needs Walking Dead Spin-offs and Movie Trilogies

The Walking Dead movie will come out in 2020 and it will follow the events that happen after the show’s story is over. There are also rumors that The Walking Dead movies will have three parts and form a trilogy starring Andrew Lincoln and the production and the filming has already started as the same sets from the shows are used.

AMC is also working on an upcoming youth-oriented spinoff for the Walking Dead series and in order to make space for the new projects, the original Walking Dead will end with season 12 as the last and final season of the show.

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