The Walking Dead Season 10 to have Maggie seems possible now

The Walking Dead Season 10 to have Maggie seems possible now

The Walking Dead fans holding out trust in Maggie might be in for a reward.  Angela Kang indicated there might be plans to bring back Maggie sooner rather than later.

‘The Walking Dead’ Is ‘Working On’ Bringing Maggie Back With Lauren Cohan’s Show Cancelled from thewalkingdead


The Walking Dead: Is Maggie coming back?

Cohan initially left The Walking Dead halfway through Season 9, proceeding to star in the ABC arrangement Whiskey Cavalier. In any case, with ABC dropping Whiskey Cavalier this past May, numerous fans have thought about whether this liberates her up to repeat the job of Maggie once more.

Excitement Weekly suggested this conversation starter to Kang. “I don’t know whether I can say much regarding it right now really,” Kang prodded. “I’ll simply say that we’re chipping away at it.”

The Walking Dead Writers Are Working On A Way To Bring Back Lauren Cohan’s Maggie – ScienceFiction.com from SciFiTV

While unquestionably not affirmation, Kang’s remarks do appear to at any rate demonstrate a craving on AMC’s part to bring Cohan once more into the overlap.

In spite of the fact that as EW takes note of, there’s no telling whether that would include an appearance on The Walking Dead appropriate, the up and coming spinoff motion pictures or even the third Walking Dead arrangement as of now underway.

The Season 9 scene “Stradivarius” built up that Maggie is as yet alive after the arrangement’s latest time bounce, having left the Hilltop with her young child Hershel to also help the secretive Georgie find different survivors and construct new settlements.

The Walking Dead is trying their best to bring Maggie back in Season 10

Maggie in The Walking Dead. Source: Vanity Fair

The biggest obstacle for Maggie’s return

Now, the greatest obstacle to Maggie’s arrival might be Cohan herself. The on-screen character recently demonstrated a longing to proceed onward following eight years and look for new difficulties.

“Eight years is a truly prolonged stretch of time to be in those passionate profundities,” Cohan told AP. “Also, it’s extremely a good time for me since I never considered dramatization much when I began this vocation and I constantly sort of accepted I’d do like light passage.”

Do you want to see Maggie come back to the show or one of the arrangement’s numerous spinoff ventures? Tell us in the comments section.

In other news, AMC cast the initial three leads for the most recent spinoff arrangement. The system has additionally recharged The Walking Dead for Season 10. The comic arrangement also conveyed a noteworthy stun to perusers, for reasons unknown.

The Walking Dead #193 is the arrangement finale.

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