The Winds of Winter and ‘A Dream of Spring’ could be Merged as the Last ASOIAF Book


The Winds of Winter release is taking so much time that fans have lost all the hopes for “A Dream of Spring” which is the next book in the series. A Song of Ice and Fire was originally planned as a trilogy by George RR Martin, but with time he decided to split the books into parts to expand the storyline.

However, with the current COVID-19 pandemic and Martin’s growing age, the author could skip the seventh book and merge it with Winds of Winter as the final book in the ASOIAF series. George Martin could very well merge “The Winds of Winter” and “A Dream of Spring” as the last book in the ASOIAF series and end the storyline before something happens to him.

The Winds of Winter Release Date Delay is Imminent

George RR Martin promised that Winds of Winter will be out during July ending when he arrives at the Worldcon 2020 in New Zealand. But the Coronavirus outbreak has made the event virtual and Martin is under self-isolation where he will take part in the con via video conferencing.

The 71-year-old author had assured fans that he is daily writing new chapters of WINDS OF WINTER, but that doesn’t mean the book will be finished within a few days. “It is a huge book and I still have a long way to go,” could have so many different meanings, where it could even mean expanding and merging TWOW and ADOS.

The Winds of Winter as the Last Book in ASOIAF Series

The Winds of Winter could be the last book in Martin’s ASOIAF series if we take the author’s hint for the 2021 release seriously. Fans are waiting for Winds of Winter for years and even after it comes out, A Dream of Spring will still take plenty of years. But the problem is that George RR Martin is already 71 years old and he will be around 73 by the time TWOW releases in stores.

There is no way he could take another 10 years and finish A Dream of Spring at this stage. Game of Thrones story is the legacy of Martin and he won’t die leaving out an unfinished book, which is why the author could make “The Winds of Winter” as the last book and add the concluding chapters from “A Dream of Spring” to finish the storyline and give it a proper ending.

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