The Winds of Winter Release Date Deadline: Fans angry over George RR Martin for not Finishing the Book on Time

The Winds of Winter Release Date Deadline- Fans angry over George RR Martin for not Finishing the Book on Time

The Winds of Winter release date has been delayed so many times that fans have lost all the hopes on the book launch. George RR Martin is always breaking his promise to complete TWOW on the given deadlines and none fo the fans believe him now. Martin has failed to deliver on his promise of publishing the sixth book in “A Song of Ice and Fire” series and it is simply heartbreaking for the readers at this moment.

To make things worse, GRRM is currently in self-isolation over the COVID-19 pandemic and he is at huge risk due to being 71 years old. It is why fans are getting very angry over George RR Martin for not finishing The Winds of Winter over the given deadlines.

George RR Martin Promise for The Winds of Winter Deadline

George RR Martin Promise for The Winds of Winter Deadline 

George RR Martin also admits that he has disappointed fans and says that in fact, he is the most disappointed person on the whole Winds of Winter delay thing. Martin says that he is very frustrated because he could not release The Winds of Winter on time as he should have completed the book years ago.

The fantasy writer also wrote on his blog that all his editors, publishers, HBO, agents, foreign translators and publishers, etc. are very sad over the delay and he feels the worse over it. It is why GRRM promised that he will have THE WINDS OF WINTER in his hands when he attends the Worldcon 2020 in New Zealand this year. Even though the event will now take place virtually, George can still complete Winds of Winter before the deadline.

Fans are angry over George RR Martin for Not Finishing TWOW

The Winds of Winter fans have expressed their anger on Twitter as the deadline to finish the book is getting closer. George RR Martin himself said that fans could imprison him in a small cabin until the book is finished and everyone is seriously planning on doing that.

Fans are even mocking GRRM and posting sarcastic comments that George will find a new excuse to delay The Winds of Winter even further and the book will never finish on time. But everyone is still hoping that George RR Martin finished The Winds of Winter when July ends and everyone can read the real Game of Thrones ending.

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