The Winds of Winter Release Date: George RR Martin only have a month to finish TWOW before Deadline

the winds of winter

As of today, The Winds of Winter is George RR Martin’s most anticipated book. The reason being the novel was supposed to be released a long time ago, resulting in a long overdue.

the winds of winter

The 71-year-old writer had once admitted that he is sluggish and suffered from writer’s block at a point in time, which kept him from finishing the book in time, He has earlier made promises to release the book on a certain date, all of which were broken.

The Winds of Winter: GRRM says “no more dates”

Since he was unable to publish the book on these previously promised dates, he issued a statement which said he will not mention any release dates for the book anymore. He reasoned that he is unwilling to disappoint his fans if he fails to publish The Winds of Winter on time so he will refrain from making promises about the release.

“You’re disappointed, and you’re not alone,” wrote GRRM on his blog in 2016. “My editors and publishers are disappointed, HBO is disappointed, my agents and foreign publishers and translators are disappointed but no one could possibly be more disappointed than me.”

Nevertheless, for those who are unaware, Martin’s first promised due date for The Winds of Winter was in 2015. However, he was not able to finish the book even in 2016. He finished the first five books with intervals of only three years between each, so the situation with The Winds of Winter has disappointed the fans.

The Winds of Winter: Expected Release Date

Although George RR Martin said he will not promise any further dates, he promised one again last year. He said that The Winds of Winter will be ready with him by July 29 or August 1. He did not mention the dates directly but these are the days when he will arrive at the 2020 WorldCon in NZ.

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