The Winds of Winter Release Date: What is George RR Martin planning for the next GOT Book?

The Winds of Winter Release Date,Theories What is George RR Martin planning for the next Book

The Winds of Winter is not out even after one year has passed since Game of Thrones TV show ended. Everyone thought that George RR Martin his holding out the book release so that the HBO show is not spoiled, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Fans are waiting for TWOW release but the 71-year-old author is constantly delaying it.

There are high chances that The Winds of Winter comes out this year as George has made a final promise and also the COVID-19 lockdown is giving him enough time to write the book. Here are more details on “The Winds of Winter” release date, theories and what is George RR Martin planning with the next book.

George RR Martin on The Winds of Winter Release Date

George RR Martin on The Winds of Winter Release Date

George RR Martin promised his fans that he will have Winds of Winter in his hands when he visits the Worldcon 2020 in New Zealand this year. Even though the event will be now virtual due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Martin can still launch the book via Livestream.

The author revealed that the Coronavirus pandemic has a silver lining as he has enough time to write THE WINDS OF WINTER and he is spending more time in Westeros compared to the real world. While it is not clear, whether TWOW will be finished soon, there are strong hints that GRRM is closer to completing the book.

The Winds of Winter Theories and Story

The Winds of Winter Theories and Storyline 

George RR Martin has shared a few chapters from The Winds of Winter book and it shows that the story will be a lot darker. Here are the best theories and speculations for “The Winds of Winter” story that GRRM can write in the book.

  • Melisandre will reach Asshai and she will have more chapters in the Winds of Winter.
  • Lady Stoneheart will be an essential character in the book and she might take revenge from the Frey’s.
  • Shadrick and the Mad Mouse will solve the issue of Rob’s will and legitimacy of Jon Snow.
  • There will be more on the backstory of Salvador Shan.
  • George RR Martin will expand the family tree of Dayne House in Winds of Winter.
  • Irri, Jhiqui, Rakharo, Mago, Alayaya, Chataya and Pyat Pree will have important roles in the book which are not present in the Game of Thrones show.
  • Hold the door becomes Hodor will also be revealed but the book will have a different setting compared to the TV series.

The Winds of Winter will have a totally different ending as Game of Thrones viewers knows an end, not the end. There will be a lot of changes in the book story and “A Dream of Spring” is yet to be released.

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