The Winds of Winter Release Delayed as George RR Martin is busy with other Books and Movies

The Winds of Winter Release Delayed as George RR Martin is busy with other Books and Movies
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The Winds of Winter release date keeps getting delayed each day as it seems that George RR Martin has no intentions to finish the book. The 72-year-old author keeps on taking new projects despite having his biggest book pending for the last decade.

Fans are always upset and angry each time Martin announces a new project as they know Winds of Winter will be affected by it. GRRM has recently undertaken new movies and books related projects and it means another delay for The Winds of Winter novel for sure.

The Winds of Winter Release Date gets further Delayed

George RR Martin recently announced that his book “In The Lost Lands” is getting a movie adaption from Paul S Anderson and it will star Milla Jovovich and Dave Bautista in the lead. While no one has any problems with Martin’s old book getting a movie adaptation, but the fantasy writer hinted that he is ready to write more sequels in case the need arises.

Apart from that, George has also revealed that he will be adapting the ‘Roadmarks’ novels by Roger Zelazny as a TV series for HBO and will help in writing the scripts. The Winds of Winter writing process will come to a standstill and the book will surely get delayed due to the other projects George RR Martin has taken.

George RR Martin has no intentions to Finish TWOW Book

George RR Martin knows that The Winds of Winter is a mess and it will need a lot of his time and efforts which might have no point after all. Everyone has watched Game of Thrones and they are disappointed by the ending, the same could happen with “A Song of Ice and Fire” ending with “A Dream of Spring” book. It seems that Martin has lost the will to focus on The Winds of Winter and he is keeping himself busy in the short-term projects that can be finished in time.

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