The Winds of Winter Update: George RR Martin has so much on his Plate apart from the Book

The Winds of Winter Update: George RR Martin has so much on his Plate apart from the Book
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The Winds of Winter release date is yet a mystery and some of the fans have already given up on the book. There are predictions that George RR Martin will never finish the book on time as he is already busy with so many other projects.

It has already been more than a decade and the Game of Thrones writer is yet to complete Winds of Winter which is not even the final book in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. The way Martin is signing up for new projects every day it seems there is no way The Winds of Winter book will release anytime soon.

George RR Martin has taken Multiple Projects apart from The Winds of Winter

George RR Martin is currently in the middle of so many projects that he must hardly have any time to write new chapters in The Winds of Winter book. It seems that the 72-year-old author have so much on his plate right now, that fans can almost forget about Winds of Winter releasing anytime soon. Here is the confirmed list of things that George RR Martin is attached with in some form.

Apart from that, George RR Martin is also involved in various social events, award shows, comic-con, fan meetup, business ventures, and so on, which hardly leaves with him any time to write The Winds of Winter pages.

The Winds of Winter Update Updates and Possible Release Date

The Winds of Winter release date is currently reported as Summer 2022 as per some of the reports but nothing is fixed. It is true that George RR Martin made some progress on the book during the COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine, but that time is long gone and the author is back to his usual self. Fans must not believe any release date for The Winds of Winter unless Martin himself comes out with the book in his hands.

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