The Winds of Winter Release Date Update: George RR Martin unable to Publish TWOW before Deadline

The Winds of Winter Update George RR Martin unable to Publish TWOW before Deadline

The Winds of Winter release date is yet not announced despite the book is in works for the past 10 years. George RR Martin has promised that the book will finally be publisher this year, but it looks like the deadline will be missed once again. Fans are hoping that GRRM keeps his promise this time as he has already broken several promises in the last few years. There is another great concern which hints that George RR Martin will never be able to finish and publish “The Winds of Winter” due to his old age.

GRRM is Upset about The Winds of Winter Delay

GRRM is Upset about The Winds of Winter Delay

George RR Martin himself admits that the book has been delayed for too long and he is still writing “The Winds of Winter” whereas it should have come out years ago. The 71-year-old author is also frustrated with the constant delays and feels sorry for not meeting the deadline. One of the main reasons why GRRM is not able to finish Winds of Winter is due to being busy with other projects.

Martin has given a lot of his time to HBO’s Game of Thrones show, along with several other books and even a video game. Apart from other works, George also talks about having writer’s block which made him unable to continue working on The Winds of Winter. However, GRRM promised that he will be present with the book at World con 2020 in New Zealand, but that event has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and now there is no update from the author.

The Winds of Winter will never be Finished

The Winds of Winter will never be Finished 

George RR Martin is under self-isolation to stay safe from the Coronavirus outbreak and writing The Winds of Winter at a steady pace. While it has led to everyone believing that the book will be out early, there is another reason to worry. Even though George is spending his time writing the book under isolation, he is 71 years old and his health condition is a big concern.

The author hinted that if he is unable to complete “The Winds of Winter” then fans will never know the ending to “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. George RR Martin might never be able to publish “The Winds of Winter” if he gets sick due to his old age or dies, then fans can forget about the ending.

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