The Winds of Winter Update: Will George RR Martin finish the 6th ASOIAF Book in 2021?

The Winds of Winter Update: Will George RR Martin finish the Book in 2021?

The Winds of Winter is one of the most-awaited books among the fans but somehow there are hardly any solid updates on its progress. George RR Martin is writing the sixth A Song of Ice and Fire (ASOIAF) book for a decade now and yet no one knows when will it get finished.

The 72-years-old fantasy writer has slowed down in his tracks and every passing day, fans are getting frustrated and bombarding him with the same questions and asking him to finish The Winds of Winter as soon as possible. Here are the latest updates on The Winds of Winter and whether George RR Martin can finish the book in 2021 or not.

George RR Martin on The Winds of Winter Progress

George RR Martin keeps on updating fans about The Winds of Winter’s progress once a few months. Even though the Game of Thrones creator is fed up with the same question on his every post, he updates his blog regularly and shares some information whenever he feels like it.

Martin says that he has more than hundreds of pages to write so that Winds of Winter can have a proper conclusion and he hopes to do that by 2021. Although, it doesn’t mean that GRRM will be able to finish The Winds of Winter in 2021 as there are so many other processes involved even though he is done with the manuscript or a rough draft.

The Winds of Winter Release Date Updates

The Winds of Winter release date is currently reported as late 2022 by some experts, but then again nothing is fixed about the book launch. We have been hearing about the TWOW launch date for years and every time it gets delayed. Fans should better wait till George RR Martin comes out with the books in his hands as none of the promises has even turned out to be true.

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