The Winds of Winter Updates: Fans compares George RR Martin’s writing speed with a Turtle

The Winds of Winter Updates: Fans compares George RR Martin's writing speed with a Turtle
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The Winds of Winter book is still pending and George RR Martin continues to delay it every day. The 72-year-old author is working on the book for a decade and yet no one knows when it will finish. Game of Thrones TV series finished its storyline in a rush and it could have been better if the books in the ASOIAF series were complete.

But Martin got a lot of things on his plate and he can’t decide what to do next with The Winds of Winter after all. GRRM recently posted a video of a turtle and fans have started to compare his writing speed with the slow creature. Here are the latest updates on The Winds of Winter book and how slow is George RR Martin writing it.

George RR Martin is as slow as a Turtle

George RR Martin posted a Youtube video on Twitter with the caption “Morla being fun in the backyard :D” and it contains a turtle and peacock eating grains and flowers in a garden. One of the comments says, “Well, the turtle explains your speed in writing the Winds of Winter…” and it implies that Martin is as slow as the turtle.

While one of the other comments says, “Finish the Book and stop Turtle watching” and which is kind of insulting to the author. Fans should not bother George RR Martin that much and let the author work at his own pace to complete The Winds of Winter.

The Winds of Winter Release Date Updates

The Winds of Winter release date is still not fixed and no one knows when will the book come out. George RR Martin will have to finish the book first and then only we can have a launch date. As the author is busy with several projects, we can assume that TWOW won’t be coming out this year.

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