The Winds of Winter Updates: George RR Martin accepts that the Book Launch will get Delayed

The Winds of Winter Updates: George RR Martin accepts that the Book Launch will get Delayed
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The Winds of Winter book is something every fan wants to read after the Game of Thrones show ended so badly. George RR Martin has been constantly working on the book for almost a decade and yet the book is still far from finished. Martin keeps giving out updates on the book progress but he always breaks his promises and never delivers on time.

It was earlier estimated that The Winds of Winter will be out in July 2020 but that date has gone without any book. Here are the latest updates on The Winds of Winter release date and how George RR Martin will further delay the book.

George RR Martin on The Winds of Winter Progress

George RR Martin in his recent blog post has accepted that he is hugely behind writing ‘The Winds of Winter’ right now and gave out various reasons how he is unable to catch up. GRRM is now 72 years old, he has a lot of pending work, and the author also made a new deal with HBO for other Game of Thrones-related TV series.

There is no way Martin could keep it up with everything and yet continue to work on Winds of Winter at a decent pace and hence the book was bound to get delayed.

The Winds of Winter Release Date Updates

The Winds of Winter release date is very uncertain at this point and the only person that knows the answer is George RR Martin himself. Even the author himself is not sure when will the book gets finished as there are so many chapters left and the storyline is getting complex with time. Fans should hope that Martin focuses on writing the book and The Winds of Winter comes out soon.

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