The Winds of Winter Updates: George RR Martin explains TWOW Writing Process and Delay Reasons

The Winds of Winter Updates- George RR Martin explains TWOW Writing Process and Delay Reasons

The Winds of Winter updates have been coming from time to time via George RR Martin himself. The fantasy writer doesn’t want his fans to stay in the dark anymore after missing multiple deadlines for TWOW release. Martin promised to release Winds of Winter in July 2020 at the Worldcon event in New Zealand.

But nothing of that sort happened as GRRM missed another deadline and everyone now looks to the next scheduled date. However, George has not given any fixed timeline for The Winds of Winter release date and continues to share the progress update and the writing process for the book which explains the delay too.

George RR Martin on how he writes The Winds of Winter Book

George RR Martin on how he writes The Winds of Winter Book

George RR Martin have given updates on The Winds of Winter in his blog where he has explained that he continues to work daily on the book but it takes a lot of time due to the constant editing and rewriting process.

  • I have continued to work on THE WINDS OF WINTER.
  • No, sorry, still not done, but I do inch closer.
  • It is a big big book.
  • I try not to dwell on that too much.
  • I write a chapter at a time, a page at a time, a sentence at a time, a word at a time.
  • It is the only way and sometimes I rewrite.

The key points in George RR Martin’s latest blogpost titled “Back to Westeros” clearly shows that the author is trying to explain why The Winds of Winter is taking so much time in simple words.

In addition to turning out new chapters, I’ve been revising some old ones (some very old)… including, yes, some stuff I read at cons ages ago, or even posted online as samples.  I tweak stuff constantly, and sometimes go beyond tweaking, moving things around, combining chapters, breaking chapters in two, reordering stuff. None of this is even remotely new. It is how the first five books were written. – George RR Martin

Apart from that, George RR Martin also shared that he fell ill during August and early September that also slowed him down. But things are better now as Martin is constantly writing new chapters in Winds of Winter and picking up his pace.

 The Winds of Winter Release Date Updates

 The Winds of Winter Release Date Updates

The Winds of Winter release date is a bigger mystery compared to the storyline at this point and many of the fans are even worried that George RR Martin might die before finishing the ASOIAF series. There are a few reports that claim The Winds of Winter will be ready to publish around late 2021 and it will release in stores by early 2022 or it could even take till mid-2022 for fans to get their hands on the book.

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