The Witcher Review and Release Date: Better than Books, Games and Game of Thrones

The Witcher Review and Release Date Better than Books, Games and Game of Thrones

The Witcher TV series is about to release very soon on Netflix and the first reviews are already out. The critics are loving and calling it epic, praising the visuals, fight scenes, acting of Henry Cavill and the storyline. It was obvious that The Witcher will be compared with Game of Thrones due to being a medieval fantasy show, and it turns out Geralt of Rivia played of Superman is way better than Jon Snow.

The best part about ‘The Witcher’ show is that it is based on Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski’s books and not the game, making it much more detailed and a large world-building. Here are the first reviews for Netflix’s The Witcher and how can you stream it for free.

The Witcher Review: Henry Cavill Steals the Show in Netflix Fantasy Drama

The Witcher Review Henry Cavill Steals the Show in Netflix Fantasy Drama

Everyone who has watched the show is praising it and calling it the best fantasy show. The Witcher is being loved by the fans and since the embargo is not lifted, the reviews can’t give out any spoilers. One user said that “The Witcher is well-cast, smartly-structured, and nicely paced, Good, solid pulp-fantasy nonsense.” Most of the critics have liked the show visuals, special effects and costumes.

The fight scenes of Geralt are a treat to see, he is absolutely savage, the blend of swordplay and Cavill’s charisma is a treat to the eyes. The fight scenes in The Witcher are getting a lot of appreciations and one viewer said that “The Witcher fight scenes make Game of Thrones fights looks like two drunkard battling.” Since the show is not based on the games, the pacing is very well and done in accordance with the books, which is a plus point and indicates more seasons of The Witcher to release soon.

The Witcher Release Date and Stream Online

The Witcher Release Date and Stream Online

The Witcher release date is given as December 20, 2019, by Netflix and all episodes will release together. Fans can even binge-watch The Witcher for free as Netflix offers a one month trial. One could easily take a Netflix free subscription after The Witcher season 1 drops, watch the show and others and cancel it before the month ends, thus not spending a single dollar on it.

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