The Witcher Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and COVID-19 Delay Updates

the witcher 2
the witcher 2

It is only a matter of time before the cameras start rolling at the sets of “The Witcher” for which the scheduled start was February 2020. Filming for the first season commenced in October ’18 and concluded in June ’19. Assuming the same trend will continue, season two shooting will not conclude until November 2020. The coronavirus may cause even further delays in the shooting schedule.

Since no official confirmation has been issued on the contrary, it is safe to assume that all the characters that were alive at the end of the first season will reappear. Geralt will be played by Henry Cavill, Ciri by Freya Allan, Yennefer by Anya Chalorta, etc.

Moreover, death of a character does not completely rule out the possibility of reappearance of that character. Flashbacks are expected to emerge at various time during the upcoming season that may include characters that have been killed.

the witcher 2

The Witcher 2: Release Date

Hissrich, during a Q&A, stated that the series will not be released until 2021. However, the extended wait comes with good reasons.

The makers don’t have a scheduled release beyond 2021 so far. Hurrying into it is in no one’s interest.

Analysis of the timeline of season one suggests that April 2021 is the probable release date. However, Netflix may find this date painfully late.

Trailer of The Witcher 2

The trailer has not been released yet since filming has not commenced.

Future scope for The Witcher

Whether or not the series will continue beyond the second season largely depends on the response received by season 2. Hissrich, however, has already worked his way up and planned down to the seventh season. The material for him exists in abundance in Sapkowski’s novels. Netflix does not prefer lengthy series, but with “The Witcher” it may make accommodations if it sees consistent potential.


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