Thinkbook the new sub-brand of Lenovo of Foldable PC

Thinkbook the new sub-brand of Lenovo of Foldable PC

The concept of a foldable PC has grabbed the headlines at a press event of Lenovo. The Chinese Company Lenovo has many amazing technologies to show to the world. The company introduced what is called “the worlds first foldable PC”. This foldable PC is the worlds first PC to fold from the middle of the screen. It is 13 inches tablet-sized device that has a foldable screen and can be folded from the middle. The PC belongs to the Thinkpad X1 family of laptops.

Lenovo launches foldable Pc with new sub-brand

Lenovo launches worlds first foldable Pc


Lenovo says that the foldable PC has a screen resolution of 2K and size of 13.3 inches measured diagonally. The device has a screen on one side that folds inward to take the size of a conventional laptop. This laptop uses a virtual keyboard for typing.

However, the company expects to bring another version with a physical keyboard to increase productivity. The display panel is of the LG. The device consists of an Intel processor power.

Lenovo launches foldable Pc with new sub-brand

The laptop is powered by Intel

In addition to this Lenovo has also launched a ThinkBook series laptop that is a new-sub brand of the laptop world. Designed for the small and medium-sized businesses the range currently has ThinkBook 14s and ThinkBook 13s in its bag. The new ThinkBook series comes with a body made up of aluminium and magnesium.

ThinkBook 13s weighs approximately 1.34 Kg while the ThinkBook 14s weighs around 1.5 Kg.

The new series of devices launched by Lenovo surely are amazing and can be really helpful for a business person or a student. Share your views in the comment section. For more amazing updates follow

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