Titans Season 2 Episode 8 Watch Online, Trailer and Why did Dick Grayson Killed Jericho?

Titans Season 2 Episode 8

Titans Season 2 is on a roll and thinks have gone crazier than before in the worlds of the so-called Junior Justice League. Episode 7 of DC’s Titans revealed that Dick Grayson was the one who killed Jericho (Chella Man) and Episode 8 will explain the reason in a flashback. Titans Season 2 Episode 8 titled ‘Jericho’ will air tonight as on Friday, October 25.

Deathstroke has been shown as the main villain this season and so far fans have loved this iteration of the cold-blooded one-eyed killer. The most important question in the Titans S02E08 will be why did Dick killed Jericho and viewers are waiting for the answer. Here is how you can live stream Titans 2×08 online along with the trailer breakdown for the plot details of the next episode.

Titans S02E08 Live Stream

Live Stream Titans Free

Titans S02E08 will air on Friday night at 9 and it can be streamed on the DC Universe streaming service, App and Website. The subscription cost for the DC Universe service is $7.99 per month or $74.99 per year which gives out 21% savings for the annual pack. For the region where DC Universe is not available, Netflix streams the episodes of Titans. Also, once the Titans Season is done, all the episodes will be available on Netflix to stream.

Titans 2×08: ‘Jericho’ Trailer and Plot Details

Titans S02E08 Jericho

Titans 2×08 ‘Jericho’ will show the exact circumstances why Dick Grayson killed the sweet and innocent boy Jericho who just wanted to help them. But it changed after Deathstroke killed Garth/Aqualad and it leads to Titans wanting revenge. It is revealed that Slade Wilson(Deathstroke) is the father of Jericho Wilson, which is why the Titans befriended him in the first place.

Titans 2x08 Story Details

As per the Titans 2×08 episode synopsis, even Donna, Hank and Dawn are unaware of why Dick took the revenge and broke his rule. The plan was to get close to Slade through Jericho, but Dick ends up killing her. To keep things under wrap, the maker has not released any promo or trailer for Titans Season 2 Episode 8 and just a few promotional pictures are released online.

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