Titans Season 3 to be released on HBO Max this time; Filming taking place inside the Wayne Manor

DC Titans Season 3

Titans season 3 is currently undergoing it’s filming. Season 1 and 2 of the series was released on the streaming service DC Universe. But the upcoming season has been moved over to another streaming service, HBO Max.

The show, which is based on the hit DC Comic series, first premiered in October 2018. And it has garnered a strong fan base over its last 2 seasons.

This live-action drama follows the titular heroes, who team up to defeat their evil villains. As the story progresses, more hero characters have been introduced into the series. With thrilling plots and dark twists and turns, the Teen Titans derivative has reached far and wide in its fan following.

Titans Season 3

A Small Recap

In the last season, the team of young superheroes worked together to defeat an old enemy, Deathstroke. The original titans, i.e., Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Dawn Granger, and Hank Hall faced their rival. Deathstroke caused the team to disband.


The second instalment also depicted the transformation of Dick into the Nightwing. Dick realised that he needs to be someone other than Robin. Therefore, when he finally has the confidence to embrace his newfound self, he joins the rest of the team in defeating Deathstroke.

Titans Season 3 Plot Predictions

No doubt, the plot is hidden from the public. However, speculations can be made. Season 3 will pick up from where the last season left off. A new team will form under the leadership of Dick Grayson. The upcoming season will take the titans to Gotham City, leaving San Francisco.

Titans Season 3

An original titan, Donna Troy, was killed in the last season. But then, other characters will soon be joining the team. Season 3 will introduce Barbara Gordon and Scarecrow. Barbara Gordon is the commissioner of Gotham City PD. Furthermore, Jason Todd will become Red Hood.

Instagram post reveals the filming location

The series’ cinematographer, Boris Mojsovski, recently teased fans on his official Instagram account. From his post, it’s clear that the filming has started this week. He shared two images that hint what to expect in the next season.

The first photo is a bottle of hand sanitizer with the label, Titans, and the other one is an image of the Wayne Manor. Wayne Manor is just one of the many changes in the drama. Nonetheless, the promise of Batman vibes has fans excited world over.

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