Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Rumours: Mission Impossible Actor Upset Over Ex-Wife’s PDA with Emilio Vitolo?

Katie Holmes Emilio Vitolo
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Tom Cruise is upset with ex-wife Katie Holmes and her boyfriend Emilio Vitolo’s PDA. Or so the tabloids claim. Apparently, the burgeoning romance between Holmes and Vitolo is upsetting Cruise. The Interview with the Vampire star allegedly thinks Holmes needs to cool it down with Vitolo.

Reportedly, Cruise thinks Holmes must set a much better example for their daughter Suri. Suri is 14-year-old, which a source says is a very impressionable age.

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes

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Tom Cruise Is Not Angry

Frankly speaking, Cruise isn’t even bothered about what his ex-wife does in her life. Cruise has kept a very tight-lip since his divorce, and never talks about Katie Holmes or Suri. Then, a gossip column getting the wind of what he thinks or feels is highly unlikely.

Additionally, what Cruise thinks of Holmes and Vitolo is not anyone’s business. This story tries to make a value judgment, and it positions Holmes as a bad parent because she has the gall to kiss a boy in public. Holmes is a dotting mother, and it’s cruel to suggest otherwise.

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Holmes has had boyfriends before Vitolo as well, so it’s not like this is the first time Cruise has seen her with another man. Tabloids were just capitalizing on the PDA Holmes was putting on by evoking Cruise’s name.

Katie Holmes’ Current Relationship Status

This story originally came out in September. The romance has seemingly started fizzling out between Vitolo and Holmes. A formal break-up could be imminent, though nothing has been said from either camp. This, of course, has nothing to do with Cruise, who’s been busy in England. Time will tell what comes next for Holmes, but it’ll surely have nothing to do with what Cruise thinks she should do.

More Fake Stories

In addition, Holmes was allegedly trying to take down the Church of Scientology. It looks like there’s a gag order on Holmes as a result of her divorce, so you shouldn’t expect her to lead a campaign like this. Whether out of the goodness of their hearts or court order, Holmes and Cruise keep a tight-lip about one another. It’s time tabloids respect that.

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