Tom Cruise, Gal Gadot Dating Rumours: Is Wonder Woman’s husband jealous?

Tom Cruise Gal Gadot

Tom Cruise and Gal Gadot are reportedly getting more than a little friendly. The action stars have a lot in common to discuss from fight scenes to dialogue and even dating. Apparently, Gadot’s husband is jealous of this growing friendship.

Tom Cruise Gal Gadot

Tom Cruise and Gal Gadot have known each other for a decade

The “New Power Couple” had a few scenes together in the 2010 film Knight and Day. That was the starting point for their partnership. Since then Cruise has supposedly acted as her mentor of sorts. And she would never forget how Tom paved the way for her.

Tom Cruise Gal Gadot

Their careers are distinct at present, with Cruise working on Mission: Impossible‘s high-stakes stunts and Gadot focusing on her role as DC’s Wonder Woman. However, allegedly, they’re searching for a project to do together.

Jaron Varsano, Gadot’s husband, is annoyed with this connection.  Presumably, Tom’s in contact with Gal all the time. Is there something going on between the stars?

Are they really even friends?

The two haven’t really spent that much time together on sets of Knight and Day. Back then, Gadot was a minor star in comparison to Cruise. As a result, her role was very limited. Even in the upcoming future, their paths are diverged.

At the moment, Gadot is busy with a number of films and projects, including her being a part of the DC universe. In the meanwhile, the Jack Reacher actor is so extremely focused on pushing the limits of action-packed filmmaking that his next collaboration could be with SpaceX.

Truth be told, the stars are not chummy. And they’re most definitely not calling each other every day. As a matter of fact, the actors are too busy for that. Cruise and Gadot might be somewhat friendly, coming from the same industry. Notwithstanding, there is no age-old partnership between the duo, nor is there any trouble between Gadot and her husband.


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