Tom Cruise Latest Update: Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick To Have A Box Office War With The Next James Bond Movie

Tom Cruise Top Gun Maverick
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Tom Cruise worried about potential box office returns. Reportedly, he’s worried that Top Gun: Maverick will be demolished by the new James Bond movie. No Time To Die releases later this year along with the Top Gun sequel.

James Bond No Time To Die

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Tom Cruise To Have A Face Off With James Bond?

Cruise is preparing for a war in November over box office supremacy. Top Gun: Maverick and No Time To Die will dual at the box office, leaving Cruise to shake in his boots. Cruise is accustomed to big box office hits, and Bond threatens to crush him. Apparently, Tom likes to win and coming in second is not an option.

Tom Cruise Top Gun Maverick

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Therefore, question arises that why would he care so much about this specific film? And not any other high-profile release like Black Widow or Suicide Squad 2? Both of which will also be released in the late fall.

They’re Not Competing

This story is false for one single reason: No Time To Die and Top Gun: Maverick are not opening on the same weekend. The story is very careful to say they’ll both be on movie screens in November, but they won’t trample each other. The oft-delayed upcoming Bond film is tentatively set for an American release on October 8. Meanwhile, Cruise will hit the big screen on November 19. This story is technically correct, theaters will sell tickets for both films in November, but it’s willfully misleading.

Bond films stay in theaters for months, but there’s no reason Cruise would sweat an action movie coming out over a month before his own film. By that logic, he’d be petrified of every single big-screen release this winter. Cruise is frequently portrayed as a paranoid man who worries about everything. Just because these high-profile franchises both exist doesn’t mean their stars are fighting. Cruise is not sweating a movie getting released a month before his, so this story is bogus.

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