Tom Ellis to play Doctor Who or James Bond once Lucifer is Over?

Tom Ellis to play Doctor Who once Lucifer Season 6 Filming is Over?

Lucifer Ellis is one of the hottest names in the Television industry right now and everyone knows him as the Devil Lucifer. Netflix just now released Lucifer Season 5 Part A and Part B will also be released soon. But everyone is wondering what will Ellis play once Lucifer is over and the British actor has hinted that it could be Doctor Who.

Even fans want Tom Ellis to be the 14th Doctor on Doctor Who and he fits all the traits of the character. Ellis has already made his name as Lucifer Morningstar and now he wants to do something different. Tom Ellis as Doctor Who could be actually possible after Lucifer Season 6 filming is over.

Tom Ellis is already a Part of the Doctor Who

Tom Ellis is already a Part of the Doctor Who 

Tom Ellis has already been a part of Doctor Who when he played the role of Thomas Milligan. Ellis played a small part in the Doctor Who story Last of the Time Lords when David Tenant was in the lead. It is expected that Jodi Whitaker won’t be around for long as the Doctor and many of the Lucifer fans want Tom to take over the mantle.

However, Ellis thinks that his chances as the next Doctor Who are very slim as he has already been in the show. Although, Tom Ellis is glad that Lucifer is much like a Time Lord and the show is his own Doctor Who.

Tom Ellis wants to play New Characters after Lucifer Ends

Tom Ellis wants to play New Characters after Lucifer Ends

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar will come down to an end as the sixth season as declared as the final installment by Netflix. Ellis says he wants to portray different characters and not get associated with Lucifer for his entire life.

There are many Doctor Who fans that are happy to have Ellis as the Time Master rather than the Doctor. There are also fan-casting for why Tom Ellis would make the perfect James Bond, but Henry Cavill seems to be the top choice at the moment.

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