Tom Holland, Nadia Parkes Dating Rumors: Spider-Man Actor confirms Relationship with Girlfriend

Tom Holland, Nadia Parkes Dating Rumors: Spider-Man Actor confirms Relationship with Girlfriend
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The dating rumors of Tom Holland and Nadia Parkes made a lot of headlines recently and now there are reports that the couple has confirmed their relationship status. Tom and Nadia came into the limelight as a couple in May 2020 when the Daily Mail reported the story. There are multiple sources that confirmed that Holland and Nadia made things official after three months of initial dating.

The Spider-man actor has confirmed his relationship status to his family and told them that he is living together with his girlfriend in the coronavirus lockdown and their romance has only gotten stronger. Here is more on Tom Holland, Nadia Parkes dating rumors and the truth behind the couple confirming their relationship.

Tom Holland Confirms Relationship Status with Girlfriend Nadia Parkes

Tom Holland confirmed his relationship with girlfriend Nadia Parkes when he posted a photo of her last May without any caption. Apart from that, the couple also posted photos of each other playing golf in August and it was the first time Nadia posted something regarding Tom on her social media handle.

Many of the fans have wondered why did Holland took so long to make things official with Parkes and there are even reports of a breakup, but it is not the case. Tom Holland has always been very silent regarding his personal life and the same happened when he was dating Zendaya and Olivia Bolton.

Tom Holland, Nadia Parkes Dating Rumors and Real Truth

Tom Holland, Nadia Parkes dating rumors have been confirmed by many sources but the news of their relationship is still a mystery. It is true that the London-based actress is called the girlfriend of Tom Holland by multiple sources and they are indeed dating each other.

But nothing is fixed regarding their relationship status and we all know how long these things last in Hollywood. We would still wish the best regards to Tom and Nadia and wish their relationship flourish and they settle down together in the future.

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