Tool Debuts with Two New Songs at Rockville


Tool has come up with two new brand songs at the Welcome to Rockville. The two songs are “Descending and Invincible”.  It was seen that Adam Jones and  Maynard James Keenan had taken part in the debut of the new music at Welcome to Rockville. On the other hand, Keenan used Twitter to post meme which signifies “feeling cute”.

Both the songs are almost 10 minutes long, which primarily focusses on the Prog element of the dynamic tool with a great sound. Fans have not been keeping calm.

Tool performs new songs at welcome to Rockville

They have been excited after hearing the song online. Shown respect for the celebration of the end of a few years music. The band played a short instrumental version of the track in 2015 at an event which was a VIP one.

Welcome to Rockville was on fire when Tool performed. The viewers cannot keep calm about the same. Both of these songs have come out so very well. The entire show was full.

Tool performs new songs at welcome to Rockville

This clearly shows and put for itself, that the audience loved every bit of it. Tool was also seen promoting the same on Instagram. They had put up a video post of 12 seconds showing a glimpse of the song. The comments and likes showed how outstanding the response was.

This is the first time when Tool tried his hands on promotion. He was fortunate enough to get a response like this.  So for the audience, do not keep calm because the two songs are here. Tool is back with a big bang.

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