Top earning Korean Groups and Artists where BTS tops the ranks


It’s no surprise that Korean Hallyu has transmuted global audience into an authentic, money-generating market. Divulging deep into how Hallyu has recently intrigued globalization, TIME magazine has specifically hailed Korean-pop industry for making South Korea, a global prominent name.

Korean artists who earn in billions

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The billion dollar music industry has riveted people all across nations. Not to mention that certain group bands including BTS and EXO made exclusive headlines by having hands in bringing USD $3.6 billion to South Korean economy.

Korean fans worldwide droll mad over getting signed copies of their favorite band album during pre-sales. They are moreover primed up to put forth any amount that would get them a signed copy.

All you know is a signed copy for a Korean band will make your more popular than your top chart grades in high schools.

While briefly looking at the Korean artists and what makes Korean pop a lucrative industry, we came across a list of top earning groups that truly defined about art having no human language.

Read on to find out the most money-making Korean groups that have hunted us down with some magnificent voices.

Korean Artists: BTS

Korean Artists Who Earn in Billions

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It would be no surprise if BTS tops the highest grossing charts, once again. After representing Korean industry in 2019’s GRAMMY and storming the global music industry with wildly popular Boy with Luv, BTS has generated enough value to outshine any developed country’s total economy.

Korean Artist, BTS generates revenues through physical album sales, features in games and endorsements and in the main, through concert sales. Their most recent world tour titled as Love Yourself spawned more than a million fans worldwide. Moreover, the K-pop kings generated a tough amount of US$71.7 million, itself through ticket sales.


Who says the girls are second to men. The TWICE supergirls have not only blasted male patriarchy in music industries but the band also earns a few billion more than their male counterparts.

The band has laid the prodigious cornerstones within four years of a superficial debut.

TWICE largely makes money through bewitching endorsement deals, tour ticket sales and physical albums. TWICE has endorsed for a number of top-notch industries including Estée Lauder and Pocari Sweat.


Korean Artists Who Earn in Billions

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Another girl gang makes its way to top the highest money grossing charts in Korea. Despite having only 7 music videos and songs and 15 singles in accounts, the girl group teases all other contenders in making significantly big during album and concert sales.

Besides lucrative endorsement deals, BLACKPINK’s Kill This Love surpassed for more than 25,000 physical copies in just eight days of the initial release. Now you know what BLACKPINK’s really capable of.


Although, the band persists inactive in current years. TVXQ reigned for more than ten supreme years in the Korean film industry. The album sales ballooned up to 10 million records during the first superficial decade of their singing space.

Although controversial disbandment and later duo debuts haven’t diminished the group’s popularity in any way. Moreover, the band’s official Begin Again tour surpassed more than a million ticket sale in Japan, this year.

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