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Top Gear Season 29 expects to resume the production soon following the approval of the Government. Lots of rumors on the subject have been making rounds of the internet. We bring you the latest and accurate information handpicked for you.

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2020 has been an odd year for the entire human population because of the pandemic. We have seen unprecedented situations in all industries. With a large population of the world in a lockdown, industries have suffered huge losses. Entertainment industry is no different.

Top Gear 29: The Current Status

Many shows and movies across all networks have been put on hold until further notice, including BBC Studios’ hit show Top Gear. It has been reported that over 80 shows have had to pull the brakes on production because of the pandemic, and the list of these shows includes Top Gear as well. However, Top Gear has made progress towards dropping out of this list as it is set to resume production shortly.

The show has so far managed to sail through 28 seasons. The upcoming season 29 of Top Gear has its release just around the corner. With a deadline in mind, the makers are attempting to fast-track the production process. It must also be noted that season 29 is rumored to be an extremely crucial season in the Top Gear series. The official updates have suggested that Top Gear is planning a promotion campaign on BBC One to increase the viewership, which has increased the stakes for season 29.

Before the outbreak, the show had managed to finish more than one-half of the production. Lion’s share of this part was in Cyprus; however, this cannot continue since its not possible for the production to take place overseas. The show is therefore expected to return to the motherland and be focused on ‘local storylines’.

Top Gear Season 29: The Release Date and The Hosts

Top Gear season 29 is expected to be a summer 2020 (somewhere in mid-June) release. All hosts – Paddy McGuiness, Chris Harris, and Andrew Flintoff will return for season 29.

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