Tornado warnings for counties of North Carolina Mountains

Tornado warnings for counties of North Carolina mountains

A strong Tornado warning has been issued for the counties of North Carolina mountains. The warnings are given for Alexander, Burke, Caldwell, and Catawba counties.

The initial warning was for Burke and Caldwell counties but the impact of the storm is expected to grow in nearby counties.

A few days ago the western North Carolina mountains experienced a small earthquake. The earthquake was of magnitude 2.6 on the Richter scale.

Tornado warnings for counties of North Carolina Mountains

Owner of one of the gold city gem mine said that the earthquake sounded like a bomb exploding. According, to him at first everyone thought that it was an explosion but then suddenly the budding started shaking.

Prior to this warning, this week’s atmosphere was wet and stormy. Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich says that scattered showers have the potential to bring harsh weather conditions.

This could also bring strong tornadoes. According, to Brad Panovich these tornadoes are expected to enter the NC mountains around 3:45 pm.

Adding, further he said that a change in direction of wind carries high potential energy. If they get a break in the clouds on Sunday, this will help in creating thunderstorms in that column. This will further create rotating storms.

However, rotating storms don’t always bring tornadoes with them but they are a serious threat. These storms can bring heavy rains or strong winds that could damage properties.

Since it is warned much earlier, people should avoid going out in the Charlotte area. Be in and be safe.

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