Chile witnesses spectacular Total Solar Eclipse after centuries

Chile witnesses spectacular Total Solar Eclipse after centuries

Since 1592, the North Chilean Desert didn’t see any Total Solar Eclipse. The experience to witness the moon passing between Earth and the Sun thereby hiding the orb is a spectacular one. This rare astronomical phenomenon allowed some great views under the world’s clearest skies. And of course, the best view arouses from Chile’s Atacama Desert, a city near the coastal region “La Serena”. Because the city provides clear skies due to less humidity and away from city lights.

Total Solar Eclipse – La Serena attracts more than thousands of tourists

The rare phenomena for this region-Total Solar Eclipse attracted as many as thousands of tourists. People scattered around the region for the rare view which didn’t occur since 1592. According to Chilean astronomy, the next occurrence of this phenomena is expected around 2165. That’s a too long time to enjoy under the clearest sky once again.

Chile witnesses spectacular Total Solar Eclipse after centuries

The Chile region didn’t witness complete eclipse since 1592
Credits: Eclipse Travel

La Serena covers a population of 200,000 people while the city saw people flocking for more than 300,000. However, the city administration was forced to release more water outputs.

Along with to store extra fuels at the gas station and increase the public amenities like police and health. The most powerful and largest telescopes are stacked in this Northern Chile region. As the region provides clear skies thus making it an astronomical hub for most countries.

Chile witnesses spectacular Total Solar Eclipse after centuries

The region provides the world’s clearest skies for any astronomical observation
Credits: Space Official

City administration helped to build a tourist attraction

During the phenomenon, people working at the offices – peeped through their windows to get a glimpse. Many local stores ran out of eclipse viewing glasses and later charged around $10 for a pair. The city turned in to total darkness. Yerko Galleguillos, Mayor of the city claimed that the city experiences a lot of tourists for this kind of phenomenon.

The city administration distributed around 2000 glasses at the local schools and centres. Argentina’s Chascomus also let people glimpse the rare Total Solar Eclipse. Richard Rumie, a local resident arrived at the spot with his Camera and a sun filtered telescope.

Total Solar Eclipse- the region of Chile witnesses after centuries

The locals and tourists use the glasses to view the eclipse
Credits: Voice of America

As this is the first time for the resident to witness such a phenomenon after five centuries. However, the next Total Solar Eclipse likely to occur on December 14, 2020. And it will cross the region of both Chile and Argentina but it will occur partly.

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