Toxic algae kills three dogs in Austin, Texas: Warning issued for residents

A lovely outing ends with the death of 3 dogs: Culprit of murder- Blue-green algae

It takes no time for a good and wonderful day to turn into your greatest nightmare. Who knows that the day which began just as monotonous as possible, could turn into a day you will morn about forever? Something similar happened with Melissa and Denise who lost their 3 most treasure puppies on a lovely doggy playdate.

All Dog-lovers and owners please pay heed to this news! You never know when your dogs and pets are merely a step away from death, right under your nose or maybe in-front of your eyes!

Check before allowing your dogs a dip in water

A lovely outing ends with the death of 3 dogs: Culprit of murder- Blue-green algae

Blue green algae is hazardous for dogs. Stay aware!
Source: Burlington Free Press

If you are a dog-owner who values the life of your dogs more than any other thing then sparing a few minutes to grasp the concept of dangerous blooms is a must for you. Melissa Martin and Denise Mintz’s mistake of being oblivious towards toxic algae, forced them to pay the heaviest of cost!

The couple took their beloved dogs Abby, Harpo and Izzy to a pond with the plans of cooling them off on Thursday night. However, little did they know that the doggy play date will end with the demise of their lovely puppies.

Just 15 minutes after abandoning the pond, Abby who was a west Highland white terrier started suffering from seizure. The worried owners rushed to veterinary hospital tailed by the other two dogs. As soon as the Martin and Mintz entered the hospital, Izzy who also belonged to the same breed got overtaken by seizure.

In the end Harpo who was just a 6 year old doodle got caught-up in the seizure attack and started showing signs of liver-failure. Treatments continued however they turned out to be of no avail. By Friday midnight all three once-healthy dogs left their earthly abode.

A lovely outing ends with the death of 3 dogs: Culprit of murder- Blue-green algae

Don’t let dogs enter muddy water! its a matter of life and death
Source: Mix 96

Who was the culprit behind the deaths?

What started as a lovely playful night turned into the day that gave them their biggest loss of lives. Martin informed CNN that she did not notice the algae, however, the veterinarian says that what appeared like flower debris was actually cyanobacteria.

The pond held no warning signs of toxic algae even though it is close to a popular walking trail. Martin has decided to bring a change by erecting signs of dangerous waters for pet owners. She is determined to not let the life of her pets be shed for nothing.

The Blue-Green algae are one of the most common during summertime. While some can be easily identified as they make the water dirty and sort of muddy some remain unnoticed. The algae on receiving exposure can kill its prey within 15 minutes.

So next time you are taking your dogs out for a walk and plan to stop by a pond please make sure to check the water. If you find anything suspicious then leave with a second thought. Delayed fun is much better than the last fun of life!


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