Travis Scott announces London O2 show: Tickets out for his Astroworld 2019 tour

Travis Scott announces London O2 show: Tickets out for his Astroworld 2019 tour

Famous rapper-singer Travis Scott has announced his London O2 tour this summer. With his third album, Astroworld snatching the main spotlights of 2018, Scott is all set to rock the London arena to support his latest release. The tickets are on sale, right now.

Hurry up, before the seats gets filled.

It is no surprise that attending Scott’s shows has always been full of thrills and chills. From ambitious stagings to riding ferris wheels and marking entries through roller coasters,  Travis Scott has a streak of intoxicating his fans with much enjoyment and pleasure.

It’s going to be a happy chance for all of us to see the prodigy rapper, not on our surreal screens, rather performing live on-stage. The tickets have already gone on-line for sale on AXS and Ticketmaster.

Things to know before joining the sale

Travis Scott announces London O2 show: Tickets out for his Astroworld 2019 tour

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Due to high-popularity and charming moves of the rapper, the tickets are speculated to get sold out within minutes of release.

You might be needing some tips to buckle up while making sure that you get the tickets right away.

  • Log in or sign up to your Ticketmaster or AXS account as soon as you can. Check all the banking details so you might not end up getting tricked.
  • Load up the Travis Scott page  and refresh the page. Book the ticket(s) with preferred options. In case your favorite choices are already taken, then don’t wait more and file for remaining ones. So, you won’t be loosing out every chance together.
  • Keep updated with social media. Ticketmaster and AXS provide their followers the real-time updates on inconveniences and arisen difficulties.

How many bucks y’all be needing?

If it is a Travis’ show, the prices are gonna blow sky-high.

O2 has mentioned some rough estimates of prices:

  • £85.00 plus a booking fee of  £12.00 booking fee
  • £70.00 plus £9.50 for booking fee
  • £60.00 plus £8.25 booking fee
  • £55.00 plus £8.25 booking fee

Select your favorable option and book your seats at earliest. Meanwhile, standing tickets are also available for £85. The seated tickets, at present costs  £55 / £60 / £70 / £85 . The costs are subjected to tier chosen.

In case you lost the race to buy your favorite tier at O2

Travis Scott announces London O2 show: Tickets out for his Astroworld 2019 tour


Without further ado, reselling websites like StubHub and Viagogo have  listed tour tickets for sale.

The upper tier tickets cost £100 while you will be paying £340 for lower tier. The season standing tickets are made to sell out for minimal of  £240.

Take a chance and scroll the sites. You might get lucky.

Another opportunity for all Travis’ fandom

The rapper is also going to headline the Wireless Festival along with  A$AP Rocky, Cardi B and Migos in early July. The festival will take place at Finsbury Park between July 5 to 7.  However, all official tickets have been sold out. You may find some re-selling sites selling the tickets.

What to expect from Scott’s O2 tour ?

Travis Scott has given some of the blockbuster hits in music industry. The O2 tour will be featuring his best of songs including;

  • Stargazing
  • Lose
  • Way Back
  • Mamacita
  • No Bystanders
  • Don’t Play
  • Through the Late Night
  • Drugs You Should Try It
  • 90210
  • Skeletons
  • Astrothunder
  • R.I.P. Screw
  • Stop Trying to Be God
  • NC-17
  • Beibs in the Trap
  • Yosemite
  • Can’t Say
  • Goosebumps

We hope the tour’s going to be as mind-boggling as his American concerts.

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