Trump’s Insurrection Act: What is the Law and How can US Military be deployed to Stop the Protests?

Trump's Insurrection Act What is the Law and How can US Military be deployed to Stop the Protests

President Donald Trump is threatening to invoke the Insurrection act and deploy the US military forces to stop the ongoing protests. Ever since the death of George Floyd under police custody, entire America is under chaos as protesters all over the country have been burning down places and looting shops. While the protests began with anger on the US police offers who killed a black man, it has now changed into an all-out war against the government.

It is why Trump in a recent statement made it clear that he will deploy the United States military to defend the life and property for the residents. President Trump will have to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 and here are more details on the act and how it can be used to deploy the US military for stopping the protests.

What is the Insurrection Act and How can Trump Invoke it?

What is the Insurrection Act and How can Trump Invoke it

The Insurrection Act basically gives the US President full powers over a state or territory and calls the military for suppressing insurrection and maintaining the law and order. It was enacted by Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America and approved on March 3, 1807.

In order to invoke the Insurrection Act, President Trump will have to issue a proclamation order for the insurgence to disperse within a limited period of time. If the situation is not resolved by itself, the President can issue an executive order and send the US troops for stopping the protests.

US Military will now Stop the Protests

US Military will now Stop the Protests

The Insurrection Act has previously been invoked in 1992 during the Los Angeles riots and in 1989 after the Hurricane Hugo. It gives the US President authority to employ the armed forces in the wake of a natural disaster or a terrorist attack.

As per the law, a State doesn’t need to request the presence of military forces and the President can decide where the troops are required. Trump has already deployed the US military forces in Minnesota and other cities where there are large incidents or protests, riots, and looting to stop the ongoing violence.

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