Netflix TV Shows that will be cancelled or renewed by 2019

Netflix TV Shows that are cancelled and renewed till 2019

Over the period sit-coms are a major relaxing after long day tiredness. And watching them from the initial start and waiting for every TV Shows especially on Netflix next season to release is a big thing. But now it seems like many sit-coms are getting their backs and are turned off. Till this year 2019 many Netflix shows are expected to stop or will get renewed by other franchise. However, Netflix is making such changes with the myriad number of TV shows until this year 2019.

Netflix TV Shows that are cancelled and renewed till 2019

Lucifer joins the list of renewed shows
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Netflix TV Shows featuring on major streaming platforms counter cancellation

Netflix is making efforts to renew “The Society” for a new season in 2020. And “Divorce” will be cancelled as the third season aired by HBO. Another top-rated series “Queer Eye” is scheduled to release its season 4 on July 19 whereas the fifth season will renew at Philadelphia.

“Russian Doll” and “Dead to Me” will continue to renew for the second season from Netflix. Tom Ellis starring “Lucifer” is joining to renew its fifth season. However, Silicon Valley will end up with its last sixth season.

NBC cancelled a list of TV shows, “The Village”, “The Enemy Within”, “Abby’s”, and “AP Bio” joins the list. Whereas, after continuing for almost 20 seasons “Who wants to be a millionaire” is cancelled for time being.

While TBS renews “The Last O.G” and “Miracle workers” for a second season. In addition, “American Idol” joins the list to get renewed for its third season.

And talent show “America’s Got Talent” jumps for its second season telecasting in NBC. While, Grey’s Anatomy buckles up for another two seasons, making a total of 17 seasons.

13 Reason Why joins the list of renewal series

There is a list of TV shows that are cancelled and renewed till 2019. While, major channels and online streaming platforms like CBS, NBC, ABC, Netflix and Hulu made changes to their running shows.

While most of the series is renewed to new seasons but some are discontinued. However, the series which are renewed are being shortened to certain episodes. There are almost 150 TV shows that are countered with such changes.

TV Shows that are cancelled and renewed till 2019

Netflix saves The Good Doctor for its third season
Credits: UK Air Dates

Netflix cancelled most of its TV shows like Jessica Jones and Punisher. While The Good Doctor enjoys its third season renewal at ABC. And “The Walking Dead”, the zombie adventure enjoys its tenth season aired on AMC. In addition, the critically acclaimed Netflix “Sex Education” returns for another season.

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