TWICE and ONCE: The story behind the world’s best band-fandom duo

TWICE and ONCE: The story behind the world's best band-fandom duo

TWICE had a blow this year. With astounding controversies surrounding the all-girl band, TWICE’s downfall was something everyone was looking forward to. Amidst Mina’s health issues, raging challenges and Jihyo’s relationship rumors with Kang Daniel, nobody has ever assumed of TWICE to make through it all. But the girls were too savage to give up !

ONCE throws some heart-felt replies over band controversies

TWICE and ONCE: The story behind the world's best band-fandom duo

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With strong-supporting legions and one of the most pivotal Korean fandom, ONCE, TWICE has retaliated back with more ferocity and fierceness. The girls lived intact, at least in the worst when every other industry acquaintance boycotted them for the silliest reasons.

And now, after watching how beautifully ONCE has taken a stand for TWICE, Korean media has come forward to praise the fandom on showing ‘maturity’ and massive support during the band’s adversities. Mostly for the event when Jihnyo first accepted her relationship with Kang Daniel in public.

The core Korean media writes as;

For idol groups, romance rumors can be lethal and you will easily find fans quitting fandoms after any relationship rumors surface. However, TWICE’s fandom ‘ONCE’ has always remain different. For most of fans, ‘Jihyo’s happiness mattered the most.’ They will continue to support her to the end. TWICE has continued on without change with building ONCE’s trust.

TWICE and ONCE unite to stand against trolls and criticism

Even celebrities are humans. They have virtues. They too have rights to go wherever they want, roam freely like casual citizens, date whoever they love and most importantly, to choose everything they wish for. If we do not want people to control our overly-freaking lives, how could we expect celebs to settle for privacy-breaches in their overly-stalked lives?

We are not intruders, and we better not be one in the coming future.

Yet, TWICE’s global recognition has continued to soar even after trapping in tons of hiatus this year.

Meanwhile, TWICE has continued on the legacy to become the highest-rated Korean idols by surpassing 270,000 sales through Japanese single, Breakthrough. TWICE is now eligible for prestigious Korean platinum certification, for consecutive eight time. Additionally, the band’s concert DVD has topped Hanteo Album Chart just a few days before.

You go girls. A big hug to TWICE and ONCE, altogether.

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