TWICE trots toward a bigger release to slam haters

TWICE trots toward a bigger release to slam haters

TWICE right now is dwindling between retaliating towards bigots or focusing their lenses on a more dogmatic and prolific comeback.After a series of accusations and scorning loathe against TWICE, the girl band is determined to slam their haters with an astounding music video.

TWICE trots towards a bigger release

TWICE trots toward a bigger release to slam haters

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TWICE’s works have always been masterpieces of Korean industry. Bestowed with international applauds and praise from pop-stars overseas, the girl band is planning to travel a little far with the awaited music video.

Although, TWICE or the respective band label, JYP Entertainment hasn’t officially disclosed any fruitful commercial over video promotion. But we know TWICE is eventually up to something big and staggering.

The news of a revoking music video has busted out, days after TWICE’s Jihyo defended her relationship status with another pop-idol Kang Daniel. So in order to revamp TWICE’s public image and uprooting people towards oblivion over Jinhyo’s disputes, a comeback music video is a jackpot idea to smash cynics and start afresh.

Official confirmation and release updates

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment has drooped some obscure hints towards a video recording.

Yes, it is true about TWICE brewing another music video this month. We, however, are speculating about the exact comeback timings. But the girls are preparing something good on this month’s 9. We will revert as soon as we decide the timings and schedules. Once confirmed, we will officially declare the news.

-JYP Entertainment

Meanwhile, TWICE cannot undo what wrong has already been surfaced. But with a more rocking and adroit retort, they are sure to achieve the feat they really deserve in the Korean industry. TWICE has recently garnered some bad press over a number of overly-exaggerated controversies.

Be it Mina’s health issues or Jinhyo dating a crooner from a rival pop-group. People have only  procured filth and sludge over TWICE for every second absurd reason. Is it really a crime to be outspoken about your feminine beliefs or to openly come out with anything that bothers you down?

Take a more closer look towards the girl band and try to appreciate TWICE for who they are rather than who you want them to be.

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