Twins down Red Sox 4-3 in 17 Inning Marathon

Twins down Red Sox 4-3 in 17 inning marathon

Red Sox lost a closely contested match to Twins that lasted up to 17 innings on Tuesday. The offence turned out to be their undoing as Twins soundly were the better team in that regard. This defeat ended Red Sox’ 6 matches winning streak.

A lot of money was put on David Price but he performed hurting Sox badly on offence. Max Kepler scored an RBI single in the 17th innings that ended the match in Twins favour.

Red Sox didn’t score “enough runs”

Red Sox truly played a fantastic game but Twins just held their nerves better. The pitching was top notch and they did score home runs but in the end, it mattered for little. Manager Alex Cora was quick to note they were short of runs.

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David Price was spot on in pitching. Image: Yahoo Sports

“We had traffic all over the place, leadoff hitters, I don’t know how many innings we had the leadoff hitter on, we had second and third no outs, one out and we just didn’t do the job,” said Cora. “We did everything today, hit home runs, bunts, steals, everything, pushed the envelope, but at the end, we didn’t score enough runs.”

The match lasted 5:45 second and was a see-saw battle. Red Sox pitched admirably and were in the hunt. But just when Sox were in lead Max Kepler hit a home run in 13th to tie the game.

Pitching the silver line for Red in defeat

In such a humdinger it’s fair to look at the positives. And positive were in abundance regarding Sox pitchers. They played an intense and professional game just like their 2-0 win on Monday night. The Twins innings though lasted longer than Red Sox would have liked and affected the final outcome.

Price was the standout pitcher giving away a miserable 1 run in 5 innings. This was a big improvement from the last match when he gave away 6 from 1 1/3 innings. The Red Sox though were wary of overworking him and allowed him just that. He could have made a difference though. Price though was all praise for their pitching against a formidable offence.

“What we’ve done so far in these two games, four runs in 26 innings, that’s good,” Price said. “Everybody that came in today and yesterday, they all did their jobs and it was good to see.”

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