UFC 241 : Nate Diaz smokes weed and shares it with fans during open workout

UFC 241 : Nate Diaz smokes and shares joint with fans during open workout

There are many a fighters that sweat hard and get serious during open workout. But crowd favorite Nate Diaz who will fight on Saturday at UFC 241 isn’t one of them. The former Welterweight champ lit up a joint during his session of the open workout for UFC 241.

Nate Diaz shows love to fans ahead of UFC 241

Now that’s the swagger of the 34-year old Diaz whose making a comeback into the octagon after 3 years at UFC 241. Diaz rolled up and smoked what looked like a cannabis joint on stage. The fans were jubilant on the act and cheered loudly thereafter.

Diaz in reflection of the love passed the joint for his fans to enjoy. And although the atmosphere was really cool it’s note worthy if it’s in ethics to do such a thing onstage. Perhaps many a young fans follow fighters of the stature of Nate Diaz.

Diaz clarifies the joint was non-psychoactive

Nate Diaz was quick to announce that the joint was made up of non-psychoactive cannabis. The cannabis component thus used was only for medical purposes.

That was also a cool promotion of his company Game Up CBD who make up such cannabis. Nate Diaz launched the company a couple of years back with his brother Nick.

UFC 241 : Nate Diaz smokes and shares joint with fans during open workout

Game Up CBD by Nate is cleared of the banned substances list of WADA. Image : MMA Mania

“I gotta smoke the (THC) weed after the fight,” he told media members during the post-workout scrum. “So I had to smoke Game Up CBD.”

“CBD by Game Up Nutrition. It’s good for you.”

The company Game Up CBD was cleared of WADA banned substances list last year. Likewise the US Anti Doping Agency (USADA) also cleared it of their list. So at UFC 241 and further on, it’s more clear that Game Up CBD is safe to smoke.

Nate Diaz is slated to fight Anthony Pettis on his comeback at UFC 241. Come Saturday, it’s anybody’s guess who wins the fight but surely Nate will be smoking the clean stuff afterwards.

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