UFC 242: McGregor to get his wish fulfilled if Khabib vs Poirier fail

UFC 242: McGregor to get his wish fulfilled if Khabib vs Poirier fail

UFC President Dana White has buzzed up the UFC world again regarding McGregor’s re-entry. The recently concluded UFC 240 did a moderate business as per its PPV standards. Even the PPV mode has now shifted to an ESPN subscription and although Holloway and Edgar did produce a brilliant match, UFC needs greater star power. UFC 242 ‘s Khabib vs Poirier offers just that.

UFC 242: Mcgregor the buzz word of UFC

It’s safe to say there’s no bigger word than Mcgregor for UFC at the moment. Although Khabib is the current Welterweight Champion and has taken the MMA world by storm, Mcgregor is still the most-selling especially for UFC 242.

Dana White definitely knows that and is always worried for The Notorious. He recently denied him a match with the heavier Jorge Masvidal. He recently told MMA Fighting that Mcgregor would make comeback by Early 2020.

UFC 242: McGregor to get his wish fulfilled if Khabib vs Poirier fail

Khabib fights with Dustin Poirier on UFC 242 Main Event. Image : Hiptoro

But in UFC 240 post match conference, White hinted at premature entry of McGregor in UFC 242. He said that if Poirier or Khabib fail to show up for their fight at UFC 242, Mcgregor may step up.

“Really what he’s doing is looking to see how everything plays out in September. I was just thinking out there, as of right now… Khabib and Poirier are fighting.

You know how this business works: anything can happen and usually does. So I think he’s just sort of waiting to see how it all plays out and does he have an opportunity somewhere to jump in.”

McGregor has publicly expressed the desire for a rematch with Khabib and if Poirier doesn’t show up, that can happen real quick.

Khabib has a record of falling before big fights

If past history has to be believed, there’s a good chance Khabib doesn’t show up. He previously failed to show up on UFC 209 due to weight cut. He also matched numerous matches due to injury between 2014-16.

Tony Ferguson to McGregor and Khabib: “You were finished… Tapped out & Quit like a bitch. Now you’re stepping on my toes you false idols @TheNotoriousMMA @ParadigmSM @TeamKhabib Ready when you are Fathead. Don’t dodge me like #ufc209 Coward. No Loyalty to the game. -Real Champ Champ” from MMA

Even Dustin Poirier skipped his UFC 230 fight with Nate Diaz courtesy a hip injury. With that bad a luck for UFC in terms of big match events, you can’t rule out this possibility. Hence, a Mcgregor return looks like a realistic option.

But with his thumb injury not yet set right, it might be too much to expect from Mcgregor.

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