UFC Contender Series: Flying Knee KOs highlight current week

UFC Contender Series : Flying Knee KOs highlight current week

UFC Contendor series is into week 6 and Dana White is lost on words to express the commendable performances. Light Heavyweight Aleksa Camur delivered a brilliant flying Knee knockout along with featherweight Aalon Cruz to make White’s job difficult.

Dana White though handed both UFC fighters their own contracts later on.

“Everybody gives everything they’ve got when they come here. I could do this every Tuesday for the rest of my life. I love the talent and the matchmaking on this show is unbelievable. I love Tuesday nights.”

As many as 4 fighters got UFC contracts

Dana White was quick to reveal how he got a call from ex heavyweights Champion Stipe Miocic to give Camur a contract. Stipe Miocic who is also a former UFC player currently trains Camur at Strong Style MMA, Cleveland.

UFC Contender Series : Flying Knee KOs highlight current week

White distributed 4 UFC contracts on week 6. Image : UFC

Other than Aleksa Camur and Aalon Cruz, Tracey Cortez also got a flyweight UFC contract. Tracey did some magical grappling impressing one and all of her potential.

Heavyweight Rodrigo Nascimento completed the set of 4 promoted athletes. Nascimento payed little repect to Micheal Martinek dismantling him in seconds. His first fight maybe as soon as August with much hype surrounding the heavyweight.

UFC Contender Series: As it happened

Aleksa Camur came up with a flying knee of his own for Fabio Cherant. It took mere 48 seconds to complete the TKO and his performance was indeed the highlight of Contender Series. He was a magical combination of a boxer’s hand speed and power indeed.

Aalon Cruz then tookout about before 5 minutes to defeat Steven Nguyen. Flying kick were again at display but in measured flows. Cruz put up a good show for a UFC prospect with nicely executed flying kicks and punches.

Tracey Cortez won the unanimous decision with Excellent grappling skills. Rodriguez, the last but not the least was the star of the night of UFC Contender Series. Although Martinek came very close in the first two rounds, Rodriguez kept calm.

He fought move to move and didn’t go over board. Showing great tactical skills with his aggressive play, he should already send upcoming opponents a warning at UFC Main Events.

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