UFC Fight Night result : Urijah Faber KOs Ricky Simon in seconds!

UFC Fight Night result : Urijah Faber KOs Ricky Simon in seconds !

Urijah Faber is back and as powerful as ever. Coming into the match as an underdog, the 40-year old silenced all the critics sending shock-waves into the UFC world with a powerpacked performance. 46 seconds is all it took the UFC Hall of Fame star to knock out his much backed opponent on Saturday.

Simon did deliver a punch that sent Urijah Faber gasping for thin air. But the seasoned campaigner had the last laugh with a quick right hand that probably took Simon by surprise. All of this happened in matter of 46 seconds is remarkable in itself.

Urijah Faber earns $50k bonus oost fastest KO

Urijah Faber earned a deserving $50,000 night bonus for his spectacular KO. The homeboy’s Team Alpha mates, Josh Emmet and Andre Filli also earned bonuses on the night.

UFC Fight Night result : Urijah Faber KOs Ricky Simon in seconds !

Faber knocked out Simon with a spectacular right hand. Image : Fansided

Urijah Faber has now a proud 35-10 record in UFC. The win though was his fastest career knockout and his first in 12 years. He last knocked out Joe Pearson in 2007.

He looks as good and shredded as ever in this age. He hasn’t stopped practicing and training all this long that shows.

Present UFC Flyweight and Bantamweight champion Henry Cujedo has called out Urijah Faber for a bout. Urijah Faber did reply in affirmation post match but it’s something to see of UFC allows him ahead of other more deserving Contenders.

UFC: Another Cruz-Faber classic on cards ?

The fight between Cujedo and Urijah Faber will definitely be one to look out for but there’s another fight that has a lot more context to it. Cruz and Faber have already fought 3 times and the rivalry remained one of the deadliest rivalries in MMA for over a decade.

[SPOILER] Urijah Faber vs. Ricky Simon from MMA

Faber defeated Cruz in their first match in 2007. Cruz though came back strongly to pick two consecutive victories in 2011 and 2016. That could have turned decisive with Cruz taking the honours but another fight before the legend’s retirement would be on every fans’ watchlist.

Cruz is struggling from a knee injury right now and hasn’t fought in 3 years. Nate Diaz also returned to UFC after 3 years and Cruz might also return. That he’s still ranked No.6 on UFC rankings is remarkable in itself. Faber’s resurgence again makes up for an exciting match-up.

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