UFC on ESPN: Leon Edwards hungers for the title shot or Masvidal


Leon Edwards is flying high over his recent win over Rafael dos Anjos at UFC on ESPN. He now demands nothing less than a title shot or a fight for No.1 Contender with Jorge Masvidal.

Leon Edwards called out Jorge Masvidal who himself is on Cloud 9 after completing the fastest knockout in UFC history. Masvidal knocked out Ben Askren in just 5 seconds but Leon Edwards thinks that in no way makes him deserving of a title shot.

Leon Edwards on 8-win streak, Masvidal just 2

Leon Edwards has a good point to make here. He thinks Masvidal should first fight him before thinking of a shot for gold. The UFC Welterweight Champion title currently sits with Kamaru Usman.

UFC: Leon Edwards demands 'title shot or Masvidal'

Dos Anjos win was Edwards’ 8th on the trot. Image : MMAFighting

The rift between the two aggressive fighters started when they clashed backstage in March. Leon Edwards is straightway calling out Gamebred for a match since then.

But Masvidal recently dismissed his call-out and thinks his next stop is a title shot he is promised. Leon Edwards though was quick to dismiss his claims of any promise for Masvidal who was about to cut from UFC two fights ago.

“He’s been promised nothing,’ Edwards said.

‘I don’t think he deserves a title shot. He’s on a two-fight winning streak, but before he’d lost two in a row and disappeared for over a year.”

‘I don’t understand how he could think putting two wins together means he can demand a title shot? Masvidal doesn’t deserve a title shot, and definitely not over me.’

UFC: Will Edwards-Masvidal fight mark the end of 2019 ?

The prospect is exciting. The stage is set. But Masvidal doesn’t really look interested, more so because there is no update so far on his next match. If November 2’s UFC at Madison Square Garden is Leon Edwards vs Jorge Masvidal, that will be for the No.1 contender.

Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards backstage fight from ufc

“I’ve got more wins than him. I just beat a former world champion and he’s just beat Ben Askren, who’s had one fight in the UFC.”

Edwards visibly doesn’t rate Masvidal’s win highly . It’s true to an extent that Edwards is in a better position for a title shot after defeating dos Anjos against a lot of odds.

Although Kamaru Usman defeated Edwards 4 years ago, he is yet to have a rematch. Incidentally that was Edwards’ lost UFC loss. Leon Edwards is indeed underrated, he has reached No.4 on UFC rankings but odds don’t always favor him.

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