UFC might give Ben Askren chance to redeem himself against Damien Maia

UFC might give Ben Askren another opportunity in September

The battered and bruised Ben Askren would be excited for an opportunity to redeem himself after UFC’s recent announcement. Ben Askren might fight with Damien Maia on September’s UFC night.

Fans couldn’t see it coming after Jorge Masvidal destroyed Ben in 5 seconds recently. Ariel Helwani though brought out good news for the injured warrior. He announced on Twitter about UFC’s plans to put Ben Askren against Damien Maia in September.

UFC might give Ben Askren another opportunity in September

Masvidal devastated Askren in humiliating defeat. Image : Metro

What does Ben Askren vs Damien Maia offer ?

This one fight is interesting just by its sheer mismatch of fighting styles. Probably the biggest wrestling vs jiu jitsu fight in history, this offers a whole new level. Ben Askren though is coming from back to back humiliations in the Octagon.

The same cannot be said about Damien Maia who has won consecutive fights this year. This is though Askren’s opportunity to redeem himself. Perhaps it’s one of the best opportunities for him since he has mostly fought with tougher opponents.

The 41-year old Damien Maia is by no means a pushover but definitely on par with Askren’s stature. Damien though will hold a striking advantage after a long time against the tactician Askren.

A bout of contrasting styles

Damien Maia is known for his aggression inside the ring. Rarely does he get dominated as shown in his fights against Kamaru Usman. Wrestlers prefer to avoid his grasp and tire him down.

Ben Askren in counter intuitive approach rarely concedes a good position. He has a transitional style of play and rarely gets bogged down by his opponents’ aggression. Ben Askren will also like to capitalize on this opportunity to put his career back on track.

Jorge Masvidal Sends Ben Askren To Another Planet Then Explains Why from videos

It’s hard to predict a clear winner right now, but we will try to analyse more after the confirmation. All said, it’s definitely one night to look forward to.

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