UFC Top 15 highest paid MMA fighters

UFC news : Jon Jones not among top 15 highest paid MMA fighters

Jon Jones is a huge name in the UFC industry and has won many a hearts with his attractive style. The former light heavyweight champion is also one of the most selling fighters for UFC. So the new list by Wealthy Gorilla of highest paid MMA fighters is a big surprise.

Jon Jones is ranked a lowly 16th on the list which is too low by his fame and popularity. Jon Jones will definitely go as one of the finest to enter the Octagon but for some strange reasons he doesn’t earn as much.

Jon Jones ranked lowly 16th

The peers of Jones like George St. Pierre has reportedly earned $30m so far. The Notorious Connor Mcgregor hasn’t fought in 2 years and still is worth a whopping $110m. And the net worth of Jon Jones according to the report is $10m.

That is too low comparatively. True that Jones has had too many distractions and issues off the ring but that shouldn’t have hurt his income.

“Bones” was the first to speak up on UFC stars earn deserving money

Jon Jones was the first and only star who has publicly advised UFC fighters to ensure they earn what they deserve. He has stood up for exploitation but ironically, he has himself got left behind.

UFC news : Jon Jones not among top 15 highest paid MMA fighters

Dana White recently hinted at Jones-Cormier 3. Image : La Seuer

Even last year’s June, Jon Jones advised UFC debutants and aspirants to not give too much to their managers. They try to exploit the fighters.

“I hear about and see too many young fighters getting stuck in bad deals. Real talk a manager should make 10%, maybe 15 if they are really getting it done for you, but never should you be paying a manager more than you pay Uncle Sam. NEVER,”  Jones explained.

Jones recently defeated Thiago Santos in a close fight. Santos got brutally injured and Jones talked about giving him a rematch after he recovers. Truly Bones is a man of good spirits.

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