UFC News: People want Kamaru Usman to kill Colby Covington out of hate

Kamaru Usman spits out warning bells for Colby Covington

UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman might fight Colby Covington in November later this year. And this match can go as intense as it gets as Usman doesn’t like Colby Covington one bit.

The same can be said about Colby as Usman made a host of disrespectful comments against Covington. He got so heated that he talked about killing Colby who looks like a WWE wrestler to him.

Kamaru Usman sends out disgraceful message to Colby

That Kamaru Usman was the last one to beat up Jorge Masvidal isn’t great news for Covington. Leon Edwards and Masvidal are both looking for a title shot against the Welterweight Champion Usman but there’s still a long way to go.

Kamaru Usman spits out warning bells for Colby Covington

Covington recently called out ’emotional’ Usman for a fight. Image : MMA Fighting

For now Kamaru Usman had a lot of words for Colby. He thinks Colby rubs people in the”wrong way” and isn’t liked at all.

“When you get a guy like Covington who is bringing the WWE-aspect of entertainment into it, it rubs a lot of people the wrong way,” Usman said to TMZ Sports.

“People don’t like that. And, all around he is just a big douche. There are other words I want to use but my daughter is in the car, so we are not going to use those.

People want to “kill” Colby

Yes that wasn’t it. Kamaru Usman spoke at length about his hate towards Colby. He went on to allege that people ask him “kill” Colby. Even they want to kill him themselves. People want Usman to beat him more than Ben Askren.

“He calls himself the people’s champ but you can’t be with the people because the people want to harm you. You have to walk around with security everywhere.

I have thousands of messages on Instagram of people saying, bro, you have to kill this dude,” Kamaru Usman told TMZ.

Now that’s some statement against your expected opponent. Colby called out Usman for a fight now than November and it’s building up to an intense affair. Who do you think will come out trumps in Usman vs Colby ? Comment your views.

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