Ultimate Boy Group: SM Entertainment to recruit your favorite pop idols

Ultimate Boy Group: SM Entertainment to recruit your favorite pop idols

How would it look like to bring all your K-pop male idols, under one roof and one ultimate band?
This might seem like a vibrant fortnight will-o’-the-wisp to many among you. But SM Entertainment and following board members have finally given green flags to stock your dream with your favorite pop stars.

SM Entertainment brings different pop bands together, this year

Ultimate Boy Group: SM Entertainment to recruit your favorite pop idols

picture: SM TOWN

SM Entertainment is all gearing itself for another big band debut of this year. With some of the most sought-after Korean idols, the ‘Ultimate Boy Group’ will endeavor singing talents spanning across the lands of South Korea.

The ‘Ultimate Boy Group’ will solely comprise of group members from some of our beloved bands, including SHINee, EXO, NCT, and WayV. Not to mention that EXO’s Baekhyun is anticipated to lead the synchronized band with greater vigor and passion.

Besides, the new supergroup will embrace some of the most diversifying talents of the industry. From Taemin, Taeyong to Mark, Lucas, and Ten. SM Entertainment has brought the most magnificent people with singing and instrumental forte.

Ultimate Boy Group crimps biggest pop idols

Moreover, the super group’s activities will not be binding the pop members to leave or seek withdrawals from their ongoing bands. While each member would still prioritize his raw, authentic band over the new creation, the band members will work parallel for the two groups.

Meanwhile, the band label will not tether around the separate singing spheres of the signed pop stars. The crooners would be free to go solo or in duels until the two contracts coincide. Forbye, every other group member is coaxed to debut solo eventually.

Be it some struck acting projects or upcoming album teasers; the songsters are long involved with themselves right now. It would be exciting enough to see if ‘Ultimate Boy Group’ claims history with a debut. Or it is just going to be another experimental one-time project thing.

All the very best to SM Entertainment for future collaborations!

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