Unhappy Meal released by Burger King and this is for real

Unhappy Meal released by Burger King, and It just got real.

Burger King has just released an Unhappy Meal because nobody is forever happy. Burger King which is a huge food chain has outlets across the globe. It shows in presence in almost 120+ countries and is one of the leading food chains for fast food.

It has released the new options which are, “Real Meals” and they are inspired by the various moods of individuals. Meals such as Blue, Pissed, Salt, YAAS, DGAF. The entire idea to release the new set of burgers was to primarily stress on mental health and its importance. Burger King wants people to celebrate themselves and their present condition.

Unhappy Meal released by Burger King, and It just got real.

Mental health is one of the most talked topics across the globe. People now are living in such a fast pace timeline. With so much advancement in technologies, competition has reached heights which has no limits. People just keep running towards the results without focusing on the process. People have no time to sit, relax and introspect.

Burger King was clever and quick enough to realize this. Adding a social cause to the entire process, it wanted people to be aware of mental health. Burger King partnered with Mental Health America for this campaign. It chose the month of May to release the campaign, as it is celebrated as the Mental Health Awareness Month.

The results were massive. The campaign was able to raise more than 2 billion plus impressions and sales increased by 12.2% that month. Moreover, the mental condition of people did improve significantly. Overall the campaign was a huge success.

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