United States could Experience the Northern Lights this week

Australians could Experience the Northern Lights this week

You all must have heard about a beautiful colour show that takes place high in the clouds, that is called the Northern Lights. It’s known by many different names such as Aurora and polar lights. You will always notice them in high-latitude regions mostly.

You would be thinking that why and how these northern lights took place, so let us discuss that in our next point.

Australians could Experience the Northern Lights this week

Making of the Northern Lights?

Before letting you know how aurora appears, let me confirm that it is a natural phenomenon. There is nothing to do with a man-made thing as we would not be able to create any such something.

The basic phenomenon for the appearance of the northern lights is. As you must be knowing that there are a lot of charged particles roaming in the sky.

When those charged particles strike on some atoms in earth’s atmosphere, then they produce high-energy electrons when those high-energy electrons get down to lower energy at that time those electrons release photon light, and those photon lights are the reason behind the making of the beautiful aurora or polar lights.

Australians could Experience the Northern Lights this week


The US, tonight is going to be stunned by being able to watch aurora over the sky. There are going to be spectacular displays in the parts of Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Maine. As Northern Lights took place in high-latitude areas, which means you would be able to see them in Alaska too.

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