US-China Trade War by Donald Trump Stopping Tech-Trade



As you all must have heard that The US President Donald Trump is making some new changes and taking some massive steps in the trading part of the US. What is the move that US President took? What have been the effects?

The move by Mr President Donald Trump-

So basically the actual move that US President Donald Trump recently introduced is the order of banning the import of products in the technology field.

US President called it a national emergency and order to ban some tech products from nations.

Effects of the move-


This move is going to directly affect the Chinese trade. The products imported from China is going to be the main target.

The company which is going to be most affected is Chinese equipment making company called Huawei. This move is going to affect a lot of companies. US brand name companies are also manufacturing from China.

But right now, Huawei company is in the highest pressure because of the blockage of trade in the US. This is going to affect their profit rate.

The US-China trade is going to be something exciting as China for sure make some changes in their trading scheme too. Which is going to affect the US made products trade which is imported in China.

The US President gave their team 150 days, in which they have to publish the new order. Let’s wait for the new order and does it have any good news for Huawei.

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