Venom 2 to Have Spider-Man Cameo after New Disney-Sony Deal?

Venom 2 to Have Spider-Man Cameo after New Disney-Sony Deal

Spider-Man might be back in the MCU for a while and can hang out with the Avengers after the new Disney-Sony deal. But at the same time, Sony might use the character and actor Tom Holland in their upcoming Venom 2 movie. As per several reliable leakers, there is a plan to have Spider-Man cameo in Venom 2 and a bigger role in the Venom 3 movie.

While it may get some of the viewers confused, Sony has already made Spiderverse to deal with such stuff. Here are more details on Tom Holland doing a cameo in Venom 2 as Spider-Man and other information about the movie.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Cameo in Venom 2

Tom Holland's Spider-Man Cameo in Venom 2

The leaked reports say that Spider-Man will have a brief cameo in Venom 2 where the web-slinger will be jumping from building to building and he sees the character of Cletus Kasady Aka Carnage played by Woody Harrelson. But before he could jump off to fight him, Venom played by Tom Hardy will swoop in and Spider-man won’t bother to chase him anymore.

Even though Kevin Fiege will try his best that Sony doesn’t include Tom Holland in Venom 2 as it could complicate things in the main Marvel Universe. Sony Pictures are legally allowed to use CGI Spider-man costumes and they may even get Tom Holland to throw a one-liner for the same.

Venom 2 Cast, Plot and Release Date

Venom 2 Cast, Plot and Release Date

Venom 2 will be directed by the popular motion capture actor Andy Serkis and he is very excited about the movie. Here are the confirmed cast members for the Venom sequel.

  • Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock / Venom
  • Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady / Carnage
  • Michelle Williams as Anne Weying
  • Reid Scott as Dan Lewis
  • Stephen Graham as Shriek

Venom 2 release date is the same as the first movie released and it will come out exactly after two years, which is October 2, 2020. Spider-man’s cameo can really make it big and we hope that everything is handled perfectly without any confusion.

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